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Don't just call Charlie a chemo cap.
Imagine a panther. Slim and elegant, a single stroke of style. But also powerful and strong, always ready to take off. That's what Love Charlie's headwear stands for.
As the finishing touch to your outfit, your Charlie is always ready to go. Both at home and on the road, Charlie is always there for you, camouflaging as you need it, but always making your inner radiance shine out. Like a sleek panther, it offers an elegant response and makes you feel secure. It lets you shine. It'll bring out the best in you.

Hi, I'm Céline!

And Love Charlie is my trademark. In 2018 I got breast cancer and I was going to lose my hair due to chemotherapy. In my search for a really cool headwear to cover my bald head, I ended up with the classic chemo caps over and over again. Soon it was a foregone conclusion: I would create my own head cover. One that fits my personality.
One that isn't just functional, but is also a must-have fashion item. A head cover that you don't mind having to wear, but one that you would also give to a friend as a gift.

“You may lose your hair, but not your style”

And that’s how Love Charlie began!

My illness became the trigger for turning my 12 years of experience as a buyer at a Belgian fashion company into my own project. One that I would approach with the same passion, willpower and ambition. Thanks to my experience in fashion, I was able to find the right people to turn my idea into a high-quality, beautiful collection of headwear that meets all the requirements of a bald woman, without compromising on style and elegance at any time.

The warmth and support of my husband Bram, my children Jeff and Charles, family and friends during my healing process make Love Charlie an extra source of inspiration, hope and positivism. And that's the spirit I want to share with you.

Keep your head high and take your fight.

In your own style.

It will make you feel so much better.

Love, Céline

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Céline Laridon

Wenduinesteenweg 57

8421 De Haan


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