How do you keep your spirits up when you're sick?


Keeping your spirits up when you're sick isn't always easy. No matter how strong you are, sometimes you're overwhelmed by fatigue or pain. And that's okay too. Don't feel that you have to be cheerful every day. But if you can use a pick-me-up to help you look at things from a positive point of view again, then I'm happy to give you a helping hand!

Look at what you can do now.

If you're suddenly forced to place all your activities on hold because you're sick, it can hit you hard. I myself decided to put my job on hold and focus on what really matters: my healing and my family. In between the hospital visits, I suddenly had time for myself. Something I didn't have in the past as a busy mum with a job. (You know the sequel: the beginning of Love Charlie).

So seize the opportunity to discover things you can and want to do during this period. Maybe now there's time for that pile of books you want to read so much, or to get creative with painting, pottery or sewing.... Who knows, maybe you can take some time to make that photo album of that beautiful journey?

Try to flip the switch in your head with those little steps. If you do things that make you feel happy, the spirit will follow by itself after a while.


Embrace the art of nature

I'm quite spiritually minded myself and that's something that was expressed even more during the process of my illness. More than in the past I am now going to appreciate the power of nature. The colours of the forest, the dunes, the beach, the undulating sea... For me, nature has once again become a source of energy. So try to take a walk in the woods or by the sea, it might make you feel better!

Enjoy your loved ones

Enjoy the presence of the people you love. Just think of a good conversation with a friend, a quiet TV evening with your partner, a hug from the kids... You don't have to do everything yourself. Do you have a busy day ahead of you or are you feeling tired? Be sure to ask for help, because your loved ones will definitely want to lend a hand.

Spoil yourself

And if that's not enough, then a short shopping spree is still the ultimate release valve. Spoil yourself with a pair of new shoes or that dress you've been wanting for a long time... Bring fresh flowers into your home. Or a new interior book that looks so beautiful on your coffee table and that you can find inspiration in. That's what I want to achieve with Love Charlie: instant happiness with a beautiful fashion item that feels good and makes your face look radiant.

Once more: just be yourself!

Maybe you feel obliged to show your positive warrior mentality over and over again: to show your smile, to say that things are going better than expected ... This pattern of expectation unconsciously causes extra stress.

Above all, be yourself: maybe one day you'll have an off day or a moment when it all becomes too much for you. Then know that it's all right and don't feel guilty. Welcome your feelings and experience what's going on now. Tomorrow there'll be a new day for a fresh start!