Love your style
Anybody who knows me knows that my hair was sacred to me. That was the first thing that flashed through my head when I had breast cancer. What would I do with that bald head?

In my search for a way to cover my bald head, I was immediately overwhelmed by the classic chemo caps. No matter how high quality they are, they don't suit me or my style at all. What about a scarf to cover my baldness? I found one with a nice print, but it didn't stay in place like I wanted and it also highlighted my illness, something that I absolutely didn't want. Because I'm just staying Céline, right? The wig didn't feel right either. Never settle for less, so the search continued.

Love something new

My mother ran a high-end fashion store in Bruges for years. So it was no surprise that I also ended up in fashion. For twelve years at Bel&Bo, I was a buyer in the ladies' department. Together with the stylists, I was able to work on new collections and colours, a fantastic job that I've always been passionately committed to. My career has left a mark on my character and style, and is certainly one of the reasons why I didn't find my thing in the existing range and went looking for a suitable hat myself. And so it was time for something new.

Love Charlie

Suddenly I had time to think, which triggered the desire to go into business on my own, and I had an unstoppable drive to turn a setback into something meaningful. This is how Love Charlie came into being, and has become my trademark: one big dollop of positivity, creativity and above all... fashion!

Love life

I still think appearance and style are important, because for me my favorite clothes and accessories contribute to a positive mindset in every situation. Love Charlie's collections make that possible and allow me to let go of everything else. More than ever before, I find myself appreciating the power of nature. The forest. The dunes. The beach. The sea. They give me so much energy. Let me live in the now. That's pure luxury.

Love you

Love Charlie would never have been there without my husband Bram, who supports me unconditionally in my dreams and projects. Our children Jeff and Charles make the process brighter and show in their own way that it's okay. They reduce everything to its essence. Our parents, brothers, sisters, as well as my dear friends and close buddies - each of them in their own way helping to make my Love Charlie dream come true.

Love, Céline

Never lose your style

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