Stylish during chemotherapy: should you opt for a hair system or a hat? 

It might sound shallow when you're diagnosed with breast cancer, but I started thinking quite quickly about my hair falling out. What would I do with my bald head? Should I wear one of those chemo hats or a chemo scarf? Or would I go for a hair system anyway? You know the rest of the story by now, but even so, finding the right headgear isn't easy. You don't know yet if you'll go for a hair system or a hat? In this blogpost I'll help you on the way to making your choice.

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The advantages of a hair system when you're losing your hair

The biggest advantage of a hair system is that you can hide your illness perfectly if you want to. A hair system costs quite a bit of money, but a quality copy of real or synthetic hair looks so lifelike that it might as well be your own hair. You'll know the difference, just like the people around you, but the outside world won't notice that you don't have any hair at all. Hair systems come in all shapes, sizes and colours. You'll probably find one that suits you perfectly.

The advantages of a chemo hat

A chemo hat is a lot less expensive than a hair system. There are no heavy investments involved and you still look stylish. A quality chemo hat is also very attractive and comfortable to wear. An extra advantage? Hats come in all sorts of colours and models so you can change them regularly. If you want, you can even match them to your outfit. Chemo hats are also much easier to maintain than a hair system. Love Charlie's headwear doesn't look like a classic chemo hat at all. The Charlies are first and foremost the kind of fashion item that your sister or friend will wear


Switch it up and go for comfort

Are you struggling to choose between a hat or a hair system? Then why not just switch. For example, you can wear your hair system outdoors and choose a cosy hat indoors to keep your head warm. Or you can quickly put your hat on when you need to go to the store. And even more fun: if you choose a stylish model from Love Charlie, you can wear the hat even after your treatment. Personally, I think the Twisted Jackie is a lovely hat to wear inside. This pleated hat embodies pure power and elegance and comes in stylish prints and trendy colours.


Make the comparison yourself

Are you looking for a hair work specialist? These hair workers are top in their field and completely in line with Love Charlie's vision. You can also try on and buy Charlies: this way you can immediately compare a hat and hair system yourself.  Follow your feelings, try it out and wear what you feel best in!


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