Why Love Charlie is the ideal headwear for women without hair


Quite honestly? I think the word chemo hat as far away from Love Charlie as it gets. After all, Charlies are so much more than a functional hat that covers your bald head. Love Charlie is a must-have item that exudes strength and boldness. One that's worn by women who radiate pure fashion and who want to make a statement. The extra benefit? A Charlie offers all the comfort a bald head needs. Find out what this means below!

Love Charlie covers the entire crown

When I was looking for a hat for my bald head I mainly looked at ordinary fashion hats. I found super cute models with cool designs, but they often didn't cover my entire crown. This sometimes left the back of my head exposed, which was way too cold and just didn't look nice either. That's why with every Love Charlie model, I make sure that the fabric covers both the front and the back of the crown.


Love Charlie thinks about your scalp

A bald scalp is sensitive, especially if you're getting chemo. To prevent irritation, the Charlies are seamless and most Charlies are lined with viscose 95% / elastane 5%. The unlined hats can be combined with the seamless and super soft Basic Charlie for optimal comfort. The Basic Charlie can be washed regularly, making it easy to look after.

Love Charlie creates volume on your head.

The models are all finished with a voluminous knot or chignon that also creates pleats. This gives you the same effect as hair under a hat, again making it less noticeable that you don't have any hair.


Love Charlie offers style for every occasion

From Classic Charlie through Lovely Louisa and all the way to Marvellous Madeleine: there's no lack of variety. Both soft and comfy as well as glitter and glamour find a place with Love Charlie. Love Charlie offers a wide range of models...

· to wear indoors on an ordinary Tuesday

· for dining out

· for taking a brisk walk in the woods

· for going to your friend's wedding

· for doing your Saturday shopping

· ...

Do you want to find out for yourself what Love Charlie can do for you?

Feel free to contact me for a fitting.

I'll be happy to welcome you to my home by appointment so you can try them on in a warm, homely atmosphere. In the space of an hour I'll show you all the Charlies and you can try on different models.

Feel free to bring some outfits or jackets so you can find the Charlie that matches them.

Book your personal shopping hour via 0476 57 19 71 or hello@lovecharlie.be or via the reservation system.

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