What do you bring as a gift to visit someone who's sick?

Has anyone around you been affected by illness? We'd like to give you a few tips on which gift you can take with you on a visit to the hospital! During my illness I was constantly surprised with lovely cards and bouquets of flowers. The overwhelming support, even from unexpected quarters, was a great pleasure. Do you need some inspiration for a gift for a visit to your sick friend? I'd like to share some tips!

Food is always a good idea.

A delicious bowl of soup or a delicious meal are always a hit! Often those affected have no time or energy to cook, so this will make the whole family happy.

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Bring something for her kids.

Take care of them or pick them up from school during the next hospital visit. That's one less worry for your friend!

She's still your friend! Just because you're sick doesn't mean that your interests suddenly change completely. Life may be on hold for a while, but your friend probably still wants to shop in her favourite boutique, go to the movies or have a nice meal. Take her out for a quiet day or night out on a good day.

Ask what you can do

Just ask her what you can do. From running an errand to taking the car to the carwash, to picking up the kids from the gym: unexpected household help is often a gift from heaven!

Would you rather give a real present?

Then a gift card from Love Charlie is definitely a good idea! To do this, you can send an email to hello@lovecharlie.be.