Alopecia, chemotherapy or hair loss:  

How to style a bald head


Even though the road to acceptance may be long, losing your hair doesn't mean you can't be beautiful or stylish. Do you have alopecia and are you looking for a unique fashion item to change the style of your bald head? Then Love Charlie can be there for you, camouflaging what you need it to, but at least making you look fabulous. That's how you'll boost your confidence every day.

Real beauty needs no hair

Suddenly losing your hair due to the autoimmune disease alopecia or chemotherapy can be very drastic, but did you know that there may be a lot of other beauty emerging? Beautiful cheekbones, sultry lips or expressive eyes... Your age also gives more and more character to your face.

Even without your hair your face can radiate a lot of beauty and power. Just think of different TV characters like Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta: her short hair seems to give her extra strength and transforms her into a truly powerful woman. A bald head can give new meaning to your femininity.

Feel free to highlight your strengths!

Where fashion and functionality meet

A lot of women with alopecia or chemotherapy go looking for a hat or scarf to hide their hair loss, but a head covering can be so much more than that.

Choose a hat that' s functional, comfortable and stylish, a practical fashion item that you can match with the rest of your outfit. One that adapts to every occasion and goes on the road with you... To that busy meeting, for a cosy evening at the restaurant or just to chill at home.


Beautiful headwear to help with hair loss

Losing your hair to alopecia or chemotherapy doesn't mean you have to lose your individuality. When one of our clients with alopecia asked her grandchildren if they weren't embarrassed about grandma's wig, the answer was clear: "We don't have a grandma with or without hair, we've got our own awesome grandma." That sums it up very well!

Love Charlie was also specially designed to help you with this, with loads of positivity, creativity and above all: fashion! The hats are designed with passion and expertise. The result is a soft, comfortable and stylish fashion item that complements any outfit by itself, without imposing a particular or idiosyncratic style.

Love Charlie is a nice alternative to the classic chemo scarves and hats. It's a fashion item that's beautiful to wear with or without hair. This way, your headwear isn't about your illness, but about your personality and sense of style. Be sure to take a look at the different Charlies in our webshop.


And remember… You may lose your hair, but not your style!

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