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Mooie lingerie na een borstoperatie? Céline shows you the way!

Of je nu een borstamputatie of een borstsparende operatie hebt gekregen, vroeg of laat heb je nieuwe bh’s nodig en moet je op zoek naar goeie lingerie. In deze blog vertel ik je graag hoe ik na mijn borstamputatie op zoek ging naar een oplossing om mooie lingeriesetjes te kunnen blijven dragen, én hoe ik aangenaam verrast werd door de prachtige Yes!-collectie van Etam!

Why Love Charlie is the ideal headwear for woman without hair

Quite honestly? I think the word chemo hat as far away from Love Charlie as it gets. After all, Charlies are so much more than a functional hat that covers your bald head. Love Charlie is a must-have item that exudes strength and boldness. One that's worn by women who radiate pure fashion and who want to make a statement. The extra benefit? A Charlie offers all the comfort a bald head needs. Find out what this means below!


Alopecia, chemotherapy or hair loss: how to style a bald head

Even though the road to acceptance may be long, losing your hair doesn't mean you can't be beautiful or stylish. Do you have alopecia and are you looking for a unique fashion item to change the style of your bald head? Then Love Charlie can be there for you, camouflaging what you need it to, but at least making you look fabulous. That's how you'll boost your confidence every day.

Wat doe je mee als cadeau op ziekenbezoek?

What do you bring as a gift to visit someone who's sick?

Has anyone around you been affected by illness? We'd like to give you a few tips on which gift you can take with you on a visit to the hospital! During my illness I was constantly surprised with lovely cards and bouquets of flowers. The overwhelming support, even from unexpected quarters, was a great pleasure. Do you need some inspiration for a gift for a visit to your sick friend? I'd like to share some tips!

Stylish during chemotherapy: should you opt for a hair system or a hat?

It might sound shallow when you're diagnosed with breast cancer, but I started thinking quite quickly about my hair falling out. What would I do with my bald head? Should I wear one of those chemo hats or a chemo scarf? Or would I go for a hair system anyway? You know the rest of the story by now, but even so, finding the right headgear isn't easy. You don't know yet if you'll go for a hair system or a hat? In this blogpost I'll help you on the way to making your choice

Preparing for breast surgery? Get ready with these practical tips

Treating (breast) cancer might require surgery or the placement of a catheter. Are you currently facing this process? To prepare yourself mentally and practically for your operation, I'd like to share my personal tips that made things a little bit easier for me when I was in hospital.

Why Basic Charlie?

your Love Charlie will stay neat and tidy for longer and you will need to wash this hat much less.  Basic Charlie can be washed frequently at 30°C.  The Basic Charlie stays on your head and makes sure that your Love Charlie, sun hat or headband doesn't move on your head.

How do you keep your spirits up when you're sick?

Keeping your spirits up when you're sick isn't always easy. No matter how strong you are, sometimes you're overwhelmed by fatigue or pain. And that's okay too. Don't feel that you have to be cheerful every day. But if you can use a pick-me-up to help you look at things from a positive point of view again, then I'm happy to give you a helping hand!

Beauty Tips: extra care during chemotherapy

Your body needs extra care during and after chemotherapy. During my breast cancer treatment I discovered some practical beauty and care tips that made me personally feel good. I'm happy to share them with you!


First time at chemo: what do you need to know?

While getting chemo for the first time might be a bit stressful, at least you can prepare yourself well. I've bundled my own experiences into a few tips that hopefully can help you prepare for your first chemo.

Mommy's got cancer: this is how I told my kids

My sons Jeff and Charles were five and two when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Jeff was more aware of the whole process than Charles, but even at such a young age, even Charles noticed that there were a lot more flowers in the house and that suddenly we were having a lot of visitors. Soon both Jeff and Charles started asking questions that needed to be answered.

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