Why do I need a Basic Charlie undercap?

The Basic Charlie is an undercap you wear under your Love Charlie. Consider the Basic Charlie as an essential part of your wardrobe, just like the rest of your underwear.What are the advantages of an undercap? 

Basic Charlie is made of the natural material viscose 95% and elastane 5% and protects your scalp from irritation. If you are receiving chemotherapy, have alopecia or have a bald head for some other reason, your scalp is extra sensitive and Basic Charlie becomes a second skin.

Thanks to the Basic Charlie,

Your Love Charlie will stay neat and tidy for longer and you will need to wash this hat much less.

Basic Charlie can be washed frequently at 30°C.

The Basic Charlie stays on your head and makes sure that your Love Charlie, sun hat or headband doesn't move on your head.

Basic Charlie also offers the ultimate wearing comfort at night. A bald head can cool down at night and with a Basic Charlie you can keep your head pleasantly warm. Basic Charlie has no seams or edges, which makes the cap feel like a second skin and it's ideal as a nightcap.

In which colours is the undercap available?

Basic Charlie shouldn't stand out under your fancy Charlie as an undercap. That's why we have them in different colours: blue, black, ecru and light pink. So you always have a Basic Charlie that fits underneath your Lovely Louisa, Twisted Jackie, Joyful Juliette or Marvellous Madeleine.