Beauty tips: extra care during chemotherapy

Your body needs extra care during and after chemotherapy. During my breast cancer treatment I discovered some practical beauty and care tips that made me personally feel good. I'm happy to share them with you!

The most important tip?

Take good care of your skin! Choose nourishing creams because your skin can dry out quickly during chemo.

Are you looking for natural products?

I'm a fan of SELF products. SELF is 100% natural, vegan skincare and ... Belgian at its best! Be sure to take a look at

The Fine Delicate Body Butter is highly recommended for extra dry skin. Don't forget to take care of your bald scalp and apply it daily. You can also take a look at the beautiful range on the Bio'ty Lab webstore. I love using Trilogy's products.

Be sure to get advice, so you have care products that are just right for your skin.​

Are you getting radiotherapy?

Then Biafine is highly recommended. For now, it's only available in France, but it's a tremendously soothing and healing cream that works great with redness and burnt skin.
Be sure to get yourself the best care products as well.
During chemotherapy you shouldn't go to the hairdresser, or for waxing or hair removal.
You can spend this budget on other fun things for yourself.

Mental health: schedule enough moments to rest

That brings me straight to the following tip: pay attention to your mental self-care as well. Make sure you have enough rest moments for yourself. As a mom it's nice that you can still be there for your children as much as possible. So try to build in as much rest as possible while they're at school. I was very grateful that I could do that. Don't plan your days so that they end up being crowded with visitors. It's hard to estimate how you'll feel during chemotherapy, so try to just let the days unfold and only receive visitors when you feel like it.

Last but not least: give yourself that little extra

A visit to the beautician:

I've always paid a lot of attention to personal care, but during my treatment I took more time for it and regularly visited a beautician for a treatment. Your nails need attention too. After the chemo they often become brittle. A nurturing and firming nail polish gives them the extra care they need now. Skin or nail care also distracts your thoughts and can have a relaxing effect.


There are also several beauticians who specialize in beauty and care for cancer. On this website you're sure to find one near you:

Enjoy nature

Since my treatment I've learnt to relax completely by the sea or in the woods. Maybe you can also enjoy the outdoors and the soothing scents and colours?

Whatever your personal source of happiness: make time for it!

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